Why is your oral health so important?

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Most of us think our oral health is not as important as our general health and we often put off going to the dentist for as long as possible. But for anyone with Lyme disease and a range of other chronic illnesses, there’s a great deal of evidence coming out now showing the health of your mouth, teeth and gums can have a major effect on your overall health.

An Australian guy called Frazer Bailey recently made a film about his 10 year journey to get better from a range of symptoms including chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression. Called Root Cause, this film is available on the Internet and was recently screened on Netflix. To watch the trailer click here.

In the film, we watch Bailey everything to get better including therapy, antidepressants, juice cleanses, chakra balancing and hypnosis. Eventually he talks with some holistic dentists and finds out the root canal he got as a young man could be the source of his illness. He finds when he has it removed correctly his health returns.

This is important news for those with Lyme disease

For people with Lyme disease this is important news. If you have an infected tooth or root canal, it should be removed quickly and properly so it is not affecting your health. If you have amalgam fillings in your teeth, these should be removed as well, otherwise the Mercury from the amalgams will leak into your system.

At Sanoviv Medical Institute, Biological Dentistry is a core part of the programs on offer, including their Lyme and Chronic Infectious Disease program. Sanoviv is a holistic hospital and if you go there as a patient, you’ll usually have a dental check-up on your first day of treatment. They carry out Biological Dentistry at Sanoviv with the aim of bridging the gap between your oral health and overall health.

At the holistic hospital called Sanoviv Medical Institute they have a full Biological Dentistry program.

At the holistic hospital called Sanoviv Medical Institute they have a full Biological Dentistry program.

As they say on the Sanoviv website: We know that the mouth is part of the body and they cannot be addressed as two separate entities. Dental treatments, materials and procedures done without considering whole body health can affect your wellbeing.

Dental problems can often correlate with current health condition you may be experiencing. Many oral diseases are associated or can contribute to chronic degenerative diseases, central nervous system diseases, heavy metal load, heart and blood circulatory problems, just to name a few.

Biological dentistry is a more natural approach to treat oral maladies bearing in mind your overall health state.

What sets Sanoviv’s Biological Dentistry apart from other hospitals and clinics?

As they say on their site:  We evaluate how your existing oral conditions may be affecting your general health. Heart disease, diabetes management, cavities, and many other conditions are affected by bacteria present in the mouth. We tailor a treatment plan to your personal needs to prevent, correct and protect you from further complications.

What do we need to do?

So it becomes clear we all need to check on our oral health to make sure we haven’t any conditions in our mouth which could be affecting our overall health. The film, Root Cause, has brought this topic to light and it’s caused a serious stir in the medical community.

The film does make strong claims even going so far as stating: “The vast majority of chronic degenerative diseases begin with problems in the mouth” and “98 per cent of women who have breast cancer had a root canal tooth on the same side as their breast cancer.”

For some in the broader medical and scientific community, the film goes too far and US dentist, Dr Mitchell Josephs, labelled it “misleading.”

But there are other, more holistic health practitioners, who’ve championed Root Cause, saying it will change the way the world looks at holistic health. For those with Lyme disease, it’s very important information because we’re now far more aware, you need good oral health to achieve maximum general health. So see a Biological Dentist as soon as you can.


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