The Controversy and Complexity Surrounding Lyme Disease

Did you receive a Lyme disease diagnosis in a timely manner from the first doctor you saw? Did you notice a tick on you, have a bulls-eye rash and get placed on antimicrobials right away? Or was your situation not as clear-cut?

You have probably realized that the topic of Lyme disease is pretty controversial and there are a lot of differing opinions surrounding this disease. You might have even seen multiple healthcare practitioners who didn’t understand the complexities of tick-borne illnesses and they may have told you nothing was wrong with you and it’s all in your head. 

I can’t tell you how many times I have had clients tell me they were offered an anxiety med or anti-depressant and sent on their way without any real answers to the symptoms they were suffering with.

In this week’s video, I share why Lyme disease can be controversial and complex and why your doctor might miss your Lyme disease diagnosis. 

This video may help you explain the disease to your friends and family who just don’t get it and also to the healthcare practitioners who have been trained that Lyme disease is hard to catch and easy to treat and always presents in a clear-cut manner.

Not sure if your symptoms could be due to an underlying infection like Lyme disease and tick-borne coinfections? This video may give you some clarity.

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