90 Minute Live Masterclass:



90 Minute Live Masterclass:

& Roadmap to Healing BONUSES



What you get for $37:

90 Minute Live Masterclass & Live Q&A

Uncover the 3 Devastating Chronic Illness Traps & How to Get out Now…

What you get for $47:

90 Minute Live Masterclass & Live Q&A

Uncover the 3 Devastating Chronic Illness Traps & How to Get out Now…


5 Roadmap to Healing Bonuses:

Bonus #1

Summer’s Award Winning Book:

Summer’s 2-time Award winning book Soul-Side Out; Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life that will become a Roadmap to your deepest Healing.

Many clients have read it 2 or 3 times and keep it nearby as a reference guide to go back to.  It’s THAT valuable.

Why People Read Soul-Side Out More Than Once – 1 min


What if I hate reading?

We are including Soul-Side Out in both PDF and Audio forms – because we know sometimes when you are really sick, it’s hard to read, but easier to listen – So you get BOTH formats or you can purchase a hard copy.

Don’t worry about the information being overwhelming or hard to understand, Summer deliberately wrote it for simplicity and impact.  It’s SUPER easy to digest.

Many clients have said they read it in 2 days or less and find value in re-reading and referencing it as they progress through their healing journey.

Bonus #2

Immersion Meditation:

An Audio Immersion Meditation recording page for practice at home.

This will help RESET your health each day with a FREE audio to walk you through new paradigms and get traction quicker.

Bonus #3

Physical Symptoms Tool Kit:

Keys to accessing the spiritual, emotional and energetic patterns behind your symptoms using MindBody Tips & Tricks. Learn to alleviate physical symptoms, gain awareness and spontaneous Insight at the same time using the 5-step process of INside-OWT. Includes a recorded mini class and downloadable PDF worksheets.

Bonus #4

Detox Guide:

Gain insight into Christine’s personal detox routines that allowed her to achieve optimal wellness.

One of the key aspects of escaping the Chronic Illness Traps and shifting from Surviving to THRIVING in our world is DETOXIFYING. Christine’s Detox Guide helps you navigate how to be resilient in a world full of toxins. Learn to detoxify more than just the physical body to achieve a vibrant mind and soul. 

Bonus #5

Healing Sanctuary:

Invite-only FREE Membership to Our LIVE on-line Healing Sanctuary Community in the Audio-only live Clubhouse App where you can get support and engage in questions weekly.