Are you SICK of being SICK?

Has your illness, disease or pain taken over your life?

Do you feel like a prisoner in your own body?

Are you a warrior battling Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Lyme, an Autoimmune Condition or Mystery Symptoms?

Do you feel STUCK?

And find yourself vacillating between pushing forward, being a warrior, and a fighter, mustering inner strength and then crashing with a harsh sense of depletion, anxiety, depression, frustration and even loss of hope?

Do you feel lost or, at times, made to feel crazy?

You are surrounded by family and even health professionals who are ‘supposed’ to be helping you but instead they treat you with disdain, disrespect or even discrimination? Really SUCKS, right?

Have you tried every medical and alternative solution possible that you know of

trying to improve your condition with supplements, medications, bodywork, affirmations, and/or meditations?

Have you spent a lot of time and money…

On Medical visits, Physiotherapy, Massage or Chiropractic visits, tests, or X-rays or maybe invested thousands on medication or supplements and you still feel like CRAP Or worse, your symptoms got worse?

Have your family and friends (and maybe your doctor) told you its all in your HEAD?

So you tell yourself to KEEP pushing through it, it’ll get better and that your irritability and slow emotional depletion is just part of being sick.

Have you been symptom chasing…

for far too long and it’s zapping your confidence, making you tired and depressed to the point of questioning and doubting yourself?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, register for our Masterclass and learn the traps that have been keeping you stuck and how to get your life back! 

Let’s Face It:

Undiagnosed and Untreated symptoms are frustrating, exhausting and scary …

You feel paralyzed or worse hiding, feeling alone trying to figure it out and truly TIRED of spending YEARS of your life in the cycle of “Symptom Chasing” and NEVER getting to the ROOT of the problem to achieve lasting health.

Yet, deep down, you know healing is possible, or at least you want to believe it is.

You’ve heard others who have healed so there’s got be a way out, you just can’t see it.

You long for a life free of pain, one of hope, freedom and vital life energy where you sleep well, your relationships are rewarding and on top of it all, you are passionate about what you do!

Seems like an impossible dream, I know.  But this is why getting to the ROOT of the symptom is absolutely essential.  The truth is that this can be a FATAL problem if you don’t start taking care of yourself.  With constant physical pain, little energy, low motivation or anxiety, you could lose your job, marriage or wind up in the hospital with MAJOR Burnout or exorbitant medical bills.

We get your frustration and the doubt of whether you can REALLY heal because we’ve been there.

Hi, we’re Christine & Summer.

We are the Survive to Thrive team, and we get it.
We have both experienced chronic illness and disease, infections and anxiety to come to a place of
complete health in Mind-Body and Soul.

Summer healed from chronic migraines, cervical dysplasia (pre-cervical cancer), a streptococcal blood infection, chronic back pain, eczema, an auto-immune disorder, anxiety and other symptoms. 

All of which either disappeared quickly or spontaneously once she got to the root of the problem.  She also improved her eyesight significantly.  Her Award winning book: Soul-Side Out; Universal Laws to Healing & Living Your Best Life describes how she did it.      

She’s been guiding clients discover the root causes of Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Mystery Illness & Disease, 4th stage HPA Axis Dysfunction (Burn Out) Back Pain/Frozen Shoulder and Anxiety/Depression for the LAST 16 Years. 

Christine’s story is a little different.  She experienced the diagnosis of Lyme disease first hand.  She had so many complications and co-infections that it fills an 8×11 page. 

Christine has her Doctorate degree in Pharmacy. She knows both personally and professionally how the medical model treats disease and why it often doesn’t work or last.

Christine now works one-on one with Lyme clients with some of the most difficult diagnoses. 

She guides clients to discover the underlying causes of their condition so they deliberately create a new life without it.                                                                       

With Christine and Summers’ combined 44 years of experience, knowledge and expertise healing themselves AND others, this Masterclass is life-changing.

This Live, 90 minute Survive to Thrive Masterclass on the 3 Devastating Chronic Illness Traps is value packed.  Our unique combination of expertise and valuable information, offered Live with two experts (not some pre-recorded Video “Webinar’”) is well worth at least $297 to attend.

 and we are offering it to you for ONLY $37!

We’ve both learned first hand how to heal and now we approach health and healing in a RADICALLY DIFFERENT WAY!

The Undeniable Truth is that:

There’s no other lasting way to heal ANYTHING than addressing the root cause.

If you are done with trying approaches that haven’t worked, if you are ready to RADICALLY transform your health, then healing can be yours too!

We’ve helped our clients transform their lives, move beyond fear and experience healing by discovering and harnessing the power of the emotional, spiritual & energetic patterns behind their physical symptoms.

After talking to 1000’s of people like you (those who spent so much time and energy on medical visits and/or alternative therapies, tests, and invested thousands on medication or supplements AND still felt like CRAP), we discovered some pivotal, life-changing information.

OMG yes!  I NEED this

And That’s Not It! 

Bonus #1

Summer’s award winning book:

Summer’s 2-time Award winning book Soul-Side Out; Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life that will become a Roadmap to your deepest Healing.

Many clients have read it 2, 3 and 5 times and keep it nearby as a reference guide to go back to.  It’s THAT valuable.

We are including Soul-Side Out in both PDF and Audio formats – because we know sometimes when you are really sick, it’s hard to read, but easier to listen.

Summer deliberately wrote it for simplicity and impact.  It’s SUPER easy to digest.

Why People Read Soul-Side Out More Than Once – 1 min

Bonus #2

Immersion Meditation:

An Audio Immersion Meditation recording page for practice at home.

This will help RESET your health each day with a FREE audio to walk you through new paradigms and get traction quicker.

Bonus #3

Physical Symptoms Tool Kit:

​Includes a recorded mini class and downloadable PDF worksheets.

Keys to accessing the spiritual, emotional and energetic patterns behind your symptoms using MindBody Tips & Tricks.

Learn to

  • Alleviate physical symptoms
  • Gain awareness and spontaneous Insight using the 5-step process of INside-OWT. 

Bonus #4

Detox Guide:

Gain insight into Christine’s personal detox routines that allowed her to achieve optimal wellness.

Learn to detoxify more than just the physical body to achieve a vibrant mind and soul.

Christine’s Detox Guide helps you navigate how to be resilient in a world full of toxins. 

  • Environmental Toxins
  • Toxic Foods 
  • Toxic Thoughts
  • Toxic Relationships
  • Toxic Emotional Patterns

Bonus #5

Healing Sanctuary:

Membership to Our LIVE on-line Shamans Healing Sanctuary Community where you can get support and engage in questions weekly.

REMEMBER what’s possible and that you are not Alone!

Larrie went from doctor to doctor for over 5 years with a painful skin disorder that left welts, scabs and weeping wounds on his neck and face.  Told that it could be Flesh Eating Disease, he was preparing his funeral.  Within a week of his life-transformative session in INside-OWT, he happily exclaimed that he felt ‘handsome’ again, with only scars left on his skin to show that there was once open weeping wounds.

Rose suffered with an AutoImmune Condition and the effects of Iritis for over 26 years and through the process of INside-OWT discovered how she could immediately reverse the painful effects through awareness of the emotions that caused it.  

Both Peggy and Judy had a diagnosis of Frozen Shoulder & Pinched Nerves.  Both went to chiropractors and massage therapists until they accessed their Healing through the process of INside-OWT – Peggy’s story is in the Soul-Side Out Book (Chapter 5).

Lee who suffered from Chronic – stage 4 – Adrenal Fatigue completed her 90 day program & is feeling 80% improved in 3 short months! (This is after 5 years of pain!) She is now sticking with the group support and loving it!  

As a registered nurse, Audrey, although having been involved in countless hours of self-development, didn’t progress in her healing. Through her 90 day Program, she quickly recognized the importance of her spiritual connection and has weaned herself from several pharmaceutical drugs on her path to true healing.

Shannon, having suffered for years with Fibromyalgia, etc. etc. is, for the first time EVER able to tap into and trust her body rather that believe it has ‘failed her.  She’s experiencing HOPE in a practical way for the first time! The insights and relief she is feeling in a few short weeks is profound.

Heather suffered from severe clinical Depression and found her way out through reading the book Soul-Side Out and the process of healing and vulnerability in the Group Practices.  

Cynthia had pre-cervical Cancer (Cervical Dysplasia). During her session in INside-OWT she dove into the underlying patterns courageously.  Afterwards, at her next OBYN appointment, her cervix was clear of any abnormal cancer cells.

Ready to begin your NEW life?

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February 7th at 7pm EST

Rose’s Story of Healing – 5 min

Beverly’s Story of Healing – 2 min

What happens after I listen to the masterclass? 

After the Masterclass there are several ways that you can stay in touch and become part of the Survive to Thrive groups and/or your own healing journey.

  • You will receive several emails from us – check them out and read them
  • Follow Summer on Instagram
  • You will be invited to join us on the live, audio only APP Clubhouse in our Shaman’s Healing Sanctuary Club for weekly live discussions with us and others sharing a similar journey. It’s a powerful community.
  • You can book a breakthrough call here where we will go through exactly what’s holding you back and suggest ways for you to move forward.
  • And, if you are ready, and we feel you are a really good fit, we may invite you to join our Survive to Thrive 90 day Intensive Program where we combine private coaching, online course work and group practice sessions in the Survive to Thrive healing methods. Click here to learn more.

How much time each day will I need to integrate what you will teach me?

If you let us, we would like to be your mentors and your guides to true healing. We would like to share the secrets of our Survive to Thrive methods with you.

You have already taken the first step by landing here and learning about what is possible, After the class you will have lifetime access to Summer’s book, its video updates and Christine’s Detox Guide. We hope you come back to them again & again.

But let us remind you of something important.  You don’t need to read the book overnight and integrate everything we teach in the masterclass today.  We’re not going to let you simply forget about it.  Over time you will receive plenty of email reminders to keep developing your skills.


Ready to begin your NEW life?

3 Devastating Chronic Pain & Illness Traps Masterclass



February 7th at 7pm EST

Christine Arseneau, Pharm.D., FMCHC, and Summer Bozohora, MST were able to heal themselves from complex illnesses using mind-body-spirit principles and will show you how to do the same! By accessing this training, you’re agreeing to receive emails from us.
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