Success Stories

want to hear how this works from others who have gone through it? Check out what my clients have to say about working with me…

“A number of years ago I met a young pharmacist who had come to our teaching hospital to complete a residency program.  Being a teaching hospital we are often given the task to train and educate young healthcare providers in the realm of the real world.  This pharmacist was far different from the previous post graduates we had trained.  This pharmacist brought with her an extensive amount of knowledge in holistic remedies; something the rest of us did not possess.  

After she completed her residency she joined our teaching team and continued pursuing her passion for new and natural treatments.  As a young healthcare provider she was always concerned with providing optimal care to her patients and with her interest in natural remedies she was able to offer a level of service the rest of us could not.  As the herbal revolution gathered speed in the Midwest we came to rely on Christine’s extensive knowledge of natural and herbal remedies to answer the increasing amount of questions being asked in our traditional hospital pharmacy.  

Christine soon had an opportunity of her lifetime and left our midwest hospital to pursue her dreams and passion of working in a holistic healthcare environment in California.  Here she flourished and quickly became an expert on Cannabis and she began giving presentations on the research and development and benefits of Cannabis therapy.

During this time Christine continued to keep up with new theories and treatments and reviewing new healthcare literature in a quest to answer her own health concerns; odd symptoms and  strange occurrences for which she never received plausible answers from the traditional healthcare providers. Her experience, knowledge  base and research paid off and led her to the correct diagnosis of Lyme Disease.  From that point on she has been on a mission to review and evaluate all treatments for Lyme Disease.

She continues to research Lyme Disease and is now focused on helping others with unsatisfactory diagnoses and ineffective treatment of Lyme Disease.  As someone who has suffered and struggled with the inaccurate diagnoses and therapy she has a first hand knowledge of the frustration and pain of a Lyme patient.

I have watched this young pharmacist develop into a knowledgeable and well rounded healthcare practitioner who is driven by her passion to help find the optimal treatment and hopefully a cure for Lyme Disease.  I would not hesitate to recommend Christine to assist anyone looking for non-traditional options for the treatment of Lyme Disease.”

- Kristen Somers, R.Ph.

“Listening to your videos helping me, I was suicidal all week until l listened to your videos and anxiety about my heart, the system is so broken here.”

- Facebook Surviving Lyme Group Member

“It’s the first time I’ve felt grounded in quite a while. 

Im also seeing that I can get through my do to list. It is possible. I don’t need to abandon in order to save my sanity 🙂 it will get done!

So grateful for this braketrough. Something feels different. And I’m not worried about things that could diffenly cause worry.

I’m more in my body and easeful.

Grateful for This day.

For choice 

For rest

For knowing there is always another way .”


- Current Client

“I had a very good last few days.

Something shifted in self care.”

- Current Client

“Hi Christine, we spoke a couple of months ago about Sanoviv and I am here now on day 10 of a 14 day Lyme and Co Infection treatment program. This place is amazing! The protocol, doctors, nurses, facility and overall knowledge of the disease have exceeded my expectations. I’m feeling much better and know it was the right call without a doubt! Thank you so much for the recommendation! Those of you who are struggling with this horrible disease need to do whatever you can to get here, there is nothing like this place in the world!😀”

- Facebook Surviving Lyme Group Member

“His energy is now at a 8- 8.5 compared to a 7-8 last time we talked and 5-6 when we started. He is able to run 25-30 km and ride 60 km through hills and is feeling good and not fatigued with this level of exercise and exercising 6 times a week. Overall he has seen quite some improvement and mentioned his family noticed he was feeling better.”


- Current Client

“Thank you Christine! I appreciate you! Thanks for seeking out to help others.”

- Jessica, Client

“You’re awesome! I’m so happy to have u as apart of my journey.”

- Client note on Facebook

“Grateful for this time to get clearer with what I want in my life and doing the necessary.”

- Current Client

“Christine was pivotal in helping make sure my son was on the right track to recovery after struggling for 6 months with his Lyme Disease! The support I felt for my son and myself was amazing. I’m not sure where I would be without her guidance. Thank you!”

- Delta M., Yelp

“I have started the detoxing journalling. Did an hr yesterday and over an hr today… it’s hard and good !
I’m going to keep at it. Bringing up a lot in a way that’s different than before. It’s good to see! To feel it .

- Current Client

“I really want to let you know how much I appreciate your advice and experience with both places as it gave me a more equal weighting to both. You are doing great work and so many people need you !! So many thanks on behalf of the Lyme community!!”

- Client email

“I’ve put a note on the wall the says * ‘Reframe. Be curious ..what if?’

Finding that helpful from our meeting.

Feeling hopeful.”

- Current Client

“There are still some ups and downs in my energy level as well as some dizziness that I have experienced. But overall I am feeling much better and getting hyperthermia in Germany was a game changer for me!”

- Current Client

“Christine Arseneau is amazing! I just stared with her a few weeks ago and I know this is my last piece to heal!!!”

- Jessica, Client

“Thank you for the video on affirmations! That was helpful.”

- Current Client

“I enjoyed the relaxation exercise. It completely worked and is a reminder of how much influence the breath sdn focus has on my nervous system.”


- Current Client

“I enjoyed the brain fog video. So much of where I’m at!!” 

- Current Client

“Thanks for that info and reminder in treatment. Really shows I can’t be doing this willy nilly on my own with others recommends. :)”


- Current Client

“I’m doing better about accepting limitations and sending good energy towards my body.”

- Current Client

“Taking care of all parts of me 🙂 and it feels good.

Feel like I am more present.”

- Current Client

“I do enjoy the content you put on FB and appreciate the information. It is helpful to have that available and gives a good perspective so thank you.”

- Member of private Surviving Lyme Facebook group

Success Journeys

These are some of the breakthroughs and aha moments clients have experienced after working with me for 3 months…


She was able to just do a two hour hike in the Los Altos hills, which is pretty intense without any pain.


She states she has felt like she has reached a real breakthrough as now she is taking time to process things instead of just keeping busy. She is processing how fatigued she feels and taking time to rest. She is progressing - instead of just pushing through she is acknowledging her feelings.


Although depression has been an issue for her, overall she is now more energetic and upbeat and is looking for hobbies and things to do and to have a purpose - whereas before she was so concentrated on her pain and so tired that she was not looking for things to do.


She is becoming aware of negative thoughts and caught how often she was saying I can’t when we were talking about things to do and creative projects like arts and crafts with her grandkids.


Now 7am is sleeping in for me! (When it used to be 2pm). I am going to bed at 8:30pm and even getting up at 4am on some days!


I am becoming aware of stories I tell myself surrounding my diagnosis, relationships and other things in my life.


He mentions that he “got his swagger back!” He feels stronger, more like himself. He notes that it is a huge improvement and that he has his confidence level back.


He mentions that he’s eating better and doing better for himself and notes that these talks with me have aided in that change and that he needs to continue on this path of doing better for himself.


Anger issues were one of his main symptoms when he first started and he said that has calmed down severely. He also mentioned anxiety and depression initially and said that the anxiety is still there but he’s managing it better and that the depression has gotten better from talking things through with me and that he thinks this is part of the reason for getting his energy back as well.


In addition to implementing some practical detox strategies such as glutathione, binders, rebounder, and chi machine, I have learned to process disappointments so I can move on and get unstuck.


I have been able to cultivate the practice of letting gratitude, contentment and joy in.


I have prioritized time for self care including things like showering and reading.


I’ve come to realize focusing on a positive vision of what you want is more powerful than focusing on situations you don’t want.


I have started concentrating on my mindset and making affirmations a habit.


He mentions that he definitely has more energy than when we started, still not as much as he would like but enough that he is thinking about working out again.


He acknowledges that he takes life in now instead of just going through the motions and focuses more on his family.

“I have had the pleasure to know Christine for over 20 years. She is an accomplished Pharmacist, self made entrepreneur and expert in the field of Lyme disease. Being in the healthcare field myself, I have used her expertise and vast knowledge, to consult for personal health issues as well as the primary consult for my Physical Medicine clinic in downtown SF,  Motus Rehab Clinic. She has performed educational seminars on the use of Cannabis, in medicine, through in-house talks to our patients and consulted on several cases as well. I not only would recommend her but tell you that if you don’t use her expertise and guidance it is to your own detriment..”

- Lindsay Stephans

“I have known Christine for over a decade and admire her drive and work ethic. She is always striving to help others by giving them tools to live their healthiest life. Christine was involved with several corporate wellness projects that I coordinated for the company I worked for at the time. She provided education and wonderful resources to educate our employees on different topics like toxins in cosmetics and eating whole foods. In the process, she also helped me personally with some of my wellness goals. Just being around someone so knowledgeable and passionate about changing your life makes being healthier easier and seem more manageable. She has all the tools, education, and experience to really help people struggling with Lyme disease, especially having gone through her own journey with this condition.”

- Shawna Johnson

“Are looking to explore options and alternatives for your healing journey? Lyme Support are passionate because they have had first hand and very personal experience with their own healing journey.

You will feel understood and feel as though their are others who have turned the corner with their health – you are not alone and will be supported on your journey to health and wellness.”

- Lisa Gumieniuk

“Dr. Arseneau helped me after I made the decision to stop eating gluten. She gave me tips on how to implement this new diet and education on which ingredients to look out for. Most importantly, she really helped me pay attention to my body and how I felt with the changes. I noticed more energy, clearer thinking, and improved digestion almost right away. I notice now, when I eat gluten I immediately feel congested and foggy. Christine really helped me realize the importance of what goes into my body and how it can affect my overall well being. Thanks to Christine, I was able to make some sustained changes and don’t think I will ever go back to my old way of eating! Having an ally on your side to guide you and provide accountability really makes all the difference.”

- Paulo Fernandes

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