Our 3 Favorite Things about Sanoviv Medical Institute

sanoviv medical institute

Sanoviv Medical Institute

Sanoviv Medical Institute is a world-class integrative hospital located in beautiful Rosarito Beach, Mexico, less than an hour south of the San Diego International Airport. It is the only hospital in the world currently certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). Sanoviv offers a unique blend of conventional, alternative, and integrative programs to treat a wide range of chronic and degenerative illnesses, including Lyme disease and other chronic infectious diseases, auto-immune conditions, digestive disorders, and neurological illnesses.

Available treatments include targeted and whole-body hyperthermia, a full-size hyperbaric oxygen chamber, biological and immune modulating therapies, IV nutrition, multi-pathway detox treatments, IV advanced herbal therapies, ozone therapy with UV blood irradiation, anti-pathogenic treatments, viral therapies, tumor vaccines, bio-energetic therapies, and many more. 

Functional medicine emphasizes looking for and addressing root causes of disease. When looking at the patient as a whole instead of only addressing certain symptoms, the patient has a chance to address underlying issues and truly heal. Functional medicine practitioners generally spend ample time with patients and really listen. Genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors can cause chronic, complex health issues so these factors are also addressed. Your internal environment is also addressed as functional medicine includes mind, body, and spirit.

Today, we wanted to highlight our 3 favorite things about Sanoviv – team approach, non-toxic environment, and education.

Team Approach

At Sanoviv, you are assigned a whole treatment team dedicated to your care. This team is comprised of a medical doctor, chiropractor, dentist, psychologist, spa expert, fitness coach, body code practitioner, nutritionist, and blood cell analysis practitioner. Also, the entire kitchen staff plays a very important role in your healing.

This team approach is critical for good outcomes. Through discussion of your case with multiple practitioners, it is possible to uncover issues that may not have been apparent from just one view point. And the convenience for the patient is incredible. Where else in the world could I have a thorough dental exam, after my morning meditation and lemon water, before my lymphatic drainage massages, after I take a dip in the hot tub or lap pool, before heading to a psychology consultation followed by a delicious smorgasbord of healthy, organic food packed with nutrients, before I see my medical doctor for the day?

Sanoviv does a GREAT job of coordinating it all and their friendly staff seems to always know what is going on with each patient.

Non-Toxic Environment

Sanoviv strives for a toxin free environment, and their attention to detail is incredible. They provide an environment where one can really thrive.

No worries about finding clean water – all water is filtered multiple times including using reverse osmosis so you can drink all water without safety concerns. No chlorine in the pool either.

You are provided with organic non-toxic cotton clothes to wear and are encouraged to take a break from cosmetics which can contain toxins. You are given safe products to use such as body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, and a tongue scraper.

Additional perks that you will find in your room as part of the healing process are a squattypotty, dry brush for detoxing skin, an area to use your enema bucket in each bathroom, chi machine, and rebounder.

Diet is a huge part of the environment and crucial for optimal healing. Sanoviv does a great job with their organic gluten-free dairy-free local diet packed full of vegetables and healthy fats.

Sense of community is another huge perk of the environment created here. Sharing your story and really connecting with others makes your experience at Sanoviv even more rewarding. Wifi is limited to one room to give you a rest from EMF exposure. Unplugging like this brings the focus back to social connection and community which is powerful for healing.

At Sanoviv, every room has an ocean view. The Quiet Room overlooks the ocean as well, and gazing at the waves as you relax and receive treatment really allows your parasympathetic nervous system to take over to get your body shifted into healing mode.

Meditation and energy medicine classes help address potential toxic thoughts and emotions to help create a thriving internal environment.

As you enjoy all the perks of Sanoviv, you don’t have to worry about how to plan your day. In modern society, we experience decision fatigue from all the decisions we make throughout the day. Here, your schedule is given to you and you follow it. Cooking, cleaning, and laundry are taken off your to-do list and you can just concentrate on healing.


Our third favorite thing that makes Sanoviv stand out is education. A healing getaway like this is a reset where you can really start to gain some traction in your healing process. It is so much more effective, however, if you are able to take some of the information from Sanoviv home with you to incorporate into your everyday routine. Sanoviv focuses on providing education and tools so that you can continue to thrive once you are back at home.

At Sanoviv, you are taught how to meditate and manage stress. You may practice yoga, stretching, and breath work while at Sanoviv. Written information is provided to you after meditation and energy work classes as a reference.

There is a whole auditorium dedicated to education at Sanoviv. This is where providers such as nutritionists and psychologists give talks in the evening to teach about things like optimal digestion, sugar, and quieting your mind. You are provided slides to refer to if you have questions at a later time while implementing things you have learned

Your integrative team comes up with a plan for you to follow at home to achieve optimal results based on diagnostic data gathered at Sanoviv and your meetings with various practitioners. After care is provided for six months after leaving Sanoviv, so consults with your medical doctor and nutritionist are included after you return home – to keep you motivated and educated so you can live your best life! 

At Sanoviv, and through functional medicine, the goal is more than just the absence of disease, the goal is positive vitality!

Take a look here for more information on scheduling at a Holistic Hospital and you’ll receive our Guidebook with all the tips we’d like to share with you about how you can achieve sustained results from your Lyme treatment. We’ve received treatment at these hospitals and we know how to make the treatment work for you.

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