Healing Lyme Disease Naturally with Dr. Christine Arseneau

healing lyme disease naturally with Christine Arseneau

​Rawfork Podcast

Herbalist pharmacist Dr. Marina Book interviews Dr. Christine Arseneau, founder of Lyme Support, for an episode of her podcast, Rawfork. This episode covers something that is becoming more and more prevalent, especially in the herbal community, and among people who spend time in nature. Dr. Christine Arseneau is a pharmacist who has a deeply personal connection to the chronic effects of Lyme. She is on a mission to help others with Lyme navigate their health and supports them in following a treatment plan. Please watch the interview to hear about her healing journey and to learn more  about her work.

After earning a doctorate in pharmacy, Dr. Arseneau completed a PG-Y1 hospital residency program at Bronson Methodist Hospital (BMH), a 400 bed teaching hospital, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She continued to work there for 6 years as a clinical pharmacist before moving to California and starting her health coaching business. She draws upon her experiences and knowledge in cannabis medicine and functional medicine health coaching to change the lives of people with Lyme disease.

In this video, she discusses her personal health journey and how this has lead her to become so passionate about supporting others on their journey with tick borne illnesses. She also discusses testing, prevention, and healing Lyme disease naturally, cannabis medicine, and holistic hospitals overseas and the treatments they are utilizing to help Lyme patients – including whole body hyperthermia.





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This article was written by Lyme Support (https://lymesupport.com) – Your Healing Connection. Lyme Support is a support network for people affected by tick borne illnesses. We are your ally on your healing journey and connect you with resources and education so you can find the healing path that works best for you. Lyme Support can refer you to hospitals in Germany and Mexico offering advanced holistic Lyme protocols. We can also provide personalized health coaching using a functional medicine approach.

For anyone struggling with a Lyme-like illness, a hospital that treats the body as a whole can offer a great deal of help. If you’d like more information about these specialized hospitals, we can help schedule you at a hospital and provide education on treatments. We strive to advocate for tick-borne illness by writing articles and speaking at conferences and support groups. Share you story with Lyme Support, where we understand your journey.

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