In this detoxification video blog trilogy, Christine Arseneau, Pharm.D., functional medicine health coach, gives her thoughts on detoxification. This can look different for everyone. The goal is to explore what detox looks like for you.

What does your toxin load look like and how can you improve it? How is your body handling toxins? Working with a functional medicine practitioner to explore detox pathways and replenish deficiencies can make a big impact on handling your toxic load. 

IV Vitamin C infusions, glutathione, and phosphatidylcholine are options for people with Lyme disease and tick borne infections. 

Taking a look at your toxic picture, involves a completely honest investigation of your environment – are there toxic social connections, limiting thought patterns, or exposures like mold? This means digging deep and potentially facing uncomfortable changes.

This is where an accountability partner like a health coach can come in to help you shed what you don’t want, really digging deep, so you can make room for what you want. 

For more in-depth detox info and a guide to get you started, download my free detox guide.

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