“But you don’t look sick!”

You won’t hear that from us because we get you. We take tick related infections seriously.

We get it…it’s complicated. 

Suffering from lyme disease leaves you exhausted, frustrated, skeptical, isolated and confused. It’s nice to find people with the clinical experience, and medical wisdom – and personal experience – who get you and have clear, practical solutions that make you stronger and healthier – hopeful for a brighter future.

Get to a new level of health- more energy, more presence, less brain fog, better sleep, less pain, and able to build connections with your loved ones. 

For a full recovery – a range of areas must be addressed

Shift your mindset and overcome barriers to your healing. Understand your physical health and also explore the importance of mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects to truly get to a place of healing. 

Living with Lyme disease is complicated. Finding practical, integrative solutions that make you stronger and healthier doesn’t have to be. 

Having a health coach on your team can really accelerate your results and keep your health sustained.

How does it work?

We offer a free phone consultation to review your goals and see if we are a good fit for each other. You’ll know right away if you’re comfortable working with us to guide you on your healing journey!

For optimal results, we recommend our Surviving Lyme – 90 Days to Navigate Your Disease and Reclaim Your Health program. We also offer a 6 month program. Investing at least 3 months for yourself tells us you’re serious and you’re committed to making the changes which will benefit you. We understand that at the same time, everyone has different needs and schedules, so we also offer limited per session coaching options.

What exactly is the Surviving Lyme: 90 Days to Navigate your Disease & Reclaim your Health program and what does it include?

This 90 day system begins with understanding where your power really comes from so you can truly begin the healing process and find hope in your journey with Lyme disease. Here’s what the System gets you to do:

  • Assess. We will dive into the specifics of your situation and what you’re dealing with. We’ll get clear about your objectives and set your intention. We will determine where you want to focus your attention first to get immediate health improvements and will explore present moment living.
  • Learn everything your doctors haven’t explained about Lyme disease and co-infections. Because healing from tick borne illness often takes a team approach, you are most likely working with medical professionals to address comorbidities – thyroid imbalances, hormonal imbalances, heavy metals and mold testing, vitamin deficiencies, detoxification pathway testing for mutations, and dental issues. Knowing the facts and all the options you have is the first step to break the hold the disease has and getting control of your health.
  • Let go of things no longer serving you. We review the role of toxin burden including, heavy metals, dental concerns, EMFs, water and air quality, and toxic relationships. We address gut health and detoxification methods. Use mind-body principals to let go of negative thought patterns and judgements of yourself. Explore what mourning the sick version of you would look like and let go. Discover an updated and more vibrant version that is already strengthening within.
    • Transform. Discover the functional medicine approach, which addresses sleep, stress, social connections, gut health, play, time in nature, rest, movement/exercise, nutrient dense food, phytonutrients, high quality fats, and detoxification. Transform and reprogram your mind and body.
        • Receive. Dive into the mind-body connection and practice meditation, mindfulness, and breathing techniques to help you manage stress and strengthen your intuition and immune system. You are an expert in yourself and your own healing and can learn to tap into your body’s innate healing power. Explore how your spiritual journey affects your healing journey.
              • Celebrate your new found empowerment! This journey will allow you to get to a new level of hope, happiness, and health!

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