How I Cured my Chronic Lyme Disease – the #1 Thing You Need to Know that Doctors Aren’t Talking About.

Are you STUCK in your journey with chronic lyme disease and complex health challenges?

Instead of spinning your wheels trying to figure everything out on your own, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with symptoms

Get the support you need to finally get on track to overcoming Lyme and eliminating your symptoms… so you can get back to a vibrant energetic life!


I get it…it’s complicated.

Suffering from lyme disease leaves you exhausted, frustrated, skeptical, isolated and confused. It’s nice to find people with the clinical experience, and medical wisdom – and personal experience – who get you and have clear, practical solutions that make you stronger and healthier – hopeful for a brighter future.

Get to a new level of health- more energy, more presence, less brain fog, better sleep, less pain, and able to build connections with your loved ones. 

For a full recovery – a range of areas must be addressed

Shift your mindset and overcome barriers to your healing. Understand your physical health and also explore the importance of mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects to truly get to a place of healing. 

Living with Lyme disease is complicated. Finding practical, integrative solutions that make you stronger and healthier doesn’t have to be. 

Achieve and sustain results faster and easier than ever before when working with a health coach instead of doing it all alone.

I know you may feel stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated and let down with your care so far. Unlike most health care practitioners, I partner WITH you so you feel empowered and confident as we embark on your self healing journey together.

Make health, happiness & hope your new normal with practical solutions, and an integrative, functional plan to navigate your disease and reclaim your health

How does it work?

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