Chronic Lyme Disease Patient Experiences a Complete Recovery After Sanoviv Treatments: A Case Study

Her Lyme disease journey began in the conventional way: with the telltale bullseye rash. After receiving a 10-day treatment of Amoxicillin her symptoms remained unchanged. Her doctors prescribed a 30-day course of Doxycycline and considered her treatment finished.

But her Lyme disease related health complications were only beginning.

She suffered from chronic pain, debilitating brain fog, chronic fatigue, blurry vision that led her to get her eyeglasses prescription changed 3 times within a year. Severe joint pain led her to elbow surgery. Her symptoms increased in severity; insomnia, incontinence, depression, anxiety, weight gain. It got so severe that she had to suspend her PhD program. For the first time in her life she considered ending her own life.

Then she found Sanoviv. 

She completed the Chronic Infections Program at Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico. Their integrative medical approach gave her substantial relief almost instantly. 

Upon checking in at Sanoviv, she “received several health consultations from a physician, mind-body therapist, biological dentist, nutritionist, psychologist, chiropractor, and fitness professional. After discussing the root causes of the patient’s health problems and recommendations from every therapist, the patient underwent a personalized treatment protocol to regain her redox status. She received oxidative treatments with hyperbaric therapy, UV light and ozone autohemotherapy, intravenous artesunate, and high doses of intravenous vitamin C. This course was then followed by whole-body hyperthermia (WBH), achieving a core temperature of 41.7 °C (107.06 °F), intravenous antibiotics (based on the patient’s serology tests) and alpha-lipoic acid, with glutathione for antioxidant support. She completed the program successfully with noticeable clinical improvement.” Integrative Approach and Patient Perspective

She even felt so restored after her first whole-body hyperthermia treatment that she began working on her PhD thesis!

Her neurological symptoms, mood, and energy levels improved and she was able to return to her PhD program and to finally return to her life.

A year later she was bitten by another tick and noticed that her symptoms were returning. She returned to Sanoviv for a second round of treatment which returned her to wellness and health again. At the end of her second treatment, she recognized that the mind-body and psychological treatments that she received, such as mindfulness, brainspotting, and neuro emotional techniques were an incredibly essential part of her treatment and recovery. 

Tick-borne diseases are incredibly challenging to diagnose and treat. Conventional Lyme disease treatment of antibiotics simply does not do enough to eradicate the underlying co-infections. For a more in-depth look at the treatments and integrative approach of Sanoviv and why they are so effective, review the entire case study here

Where are you on your chronic illness journey? If you are still at the beginning and could use a guide to find your way to complete health and wellness, I would love to help. Apply for your call with me and I can help you get back on the road to recovery. 

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