How I Cured my Chronic Lyme Disease – the #1 Thing You Need to Know that Doctors Aren’t Talking About.

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Survive to Thrive Masterclass with Bonuses


Bonus #1

Soul Side Out

Bonus #2

Immersion Recording so you can be guided at home into practicing the 5 step process of INside-OWT at home.

Bonus #3

Physical Symptoms Tool Kit:  Keys to accessing the spiritual, emotional and energetic patterns behind your symptoms using MindBody Tips & Tricks. Learn to alleviate physical symptoms, gain awareness and spontaneous Insight at the same time using the 5-step process of INside-OWT.

Bonus #4

Christine’s Detox Book.  Christine’s Detox Guide helps you navigate how to be resilient in a world full of toxins. Learn to detoxify MORE than just the physical body to achieve a vibrant mind and soul. Gain insight into Christine’s personal detox routines that allowed her to achieve optimal wellness

Bonus #5

Join us in our Shaman’s Healing Sanctuary Club in Clubhouse (Download the Clubhouse APP) for weekly live discussions with us and more in-depth information and to practice what you are learning in the book about INside-OWT 🙂