Are you frustrated with the amount of time and money you have spent treating your chronic Lyme disease?

Maybe you feel like you have nothing to show for it and your symptoms haven’t improved much – or at all – or have even gotten worse!

I met someone recently who told me that she was spending between $6,000-$10,000 every month on her Lyme disease treatments. When I asked her whether she has been seeing improvements in her health and how she feels, she burst into tears. 

Unfortunately, I see this experience in clients who come to me all the time, and it is even something that I experienced myself before I started to make progress in my health on my own chronic Lyme disease journey.

Maybe you are even afraid to try some new treatments because you think they might be a “scam” because they don’t work for everyone.

The truth is, NOTHING works for EVERYONE.

You are probably familiar with my approach by now – I don’t think there is one right answer for everybody when it comes to chronic Lyme disease.

In my 14 years experience of being a pharmacist and health coach- and especially within the last four or five years when my focus has been solely on Lyme disease – I have seen a lot of things that work for patients… and that a lot of those same things don’t work for others.

One person will tell me that diet or detox is what cured their chronic Lyme disease while many others find that diet or detox alone is not enough to get them completely well.

Some other treatments I have seen that have completely cured some people but not others are:

  • Antibiotics
  • Herbals
  • Ayahuasca
  • SOT
  • Bee venom
  • Hyperthermia
  • Energy work
  • Ozone

And there are more…

That’s why an individualized approach to treating chronic complex conditions is crucial! It usually takes more than one modality and it comes down to individual factors that are keeping you sick. You have to identify your weak points and support those in the process of getting well.

Although there is not one silver bullet for everybody, I do like to share options that I see working for a lot of people that you may find beneficial.

One of those options is whole body hyperthermia. Using fever to treat illness goes back to ancient times and sometimes something that seems so simple can have profound effects.

Hyperthermia stimulates the immune system. This induced fever increases blood flow to organs and tissues, improving the oxygen supply to the body. Also, the immune system responds with a strong production of natural killer and helper cells. This process gives your body the best fighting chance of becoming stronger.

Whole body hyperthermia kills Lyme microbes if you get your body hot enough for long enough (which is why you need to make sure you are going to a facility that has an effective- and safe! – protocol in place)

Hyperthermia increases the effectiveness of antibiotics. The heat decreases microbes’ resistance to antibiotics and also enables antibiotics to get inside the cells much more easily.

Hyperthermia busts through biofilms by disrupting the structural integrity of biofilms. When a person has chronic Lyme disease, biofilms form around the spirochete, preventing antibiotics from reaching the pathogen. Increased heat breaks down these biofilms, allowing antibiotics to penetrate them.

Curious if whole body hyperthermia could be an option for you? Simply send an email to christine@lymesupport.com and I will send you more information. If you are ready to have a conversation, you can also schedule a call with me HERE. 

Here is a published case report on a comprehensive individualized protocol including hyperthermia in a chronic Lyme disease patient at one of the facilities I recommend: Read it now.

Again, I want to emphasize that there is not a one size fits all cure for chronic Lyme disease, however, I have seen many clients reach a new level of health after a comprehensive two week inpatient stay including whole body hyperthermia. These results can be sustained and patients continue to improve when they continue focusing on their health through diet, detoxification, mindset practices, and addressing emotions after their hospital stay.

There are a couple of facilities I recommend specifically because they utilize proven protocols which are safe and effective. 

If you are frustrated with the time and money you have spent so far looking to regain your health from Lyme disease, what you really need is to try something DIFFERENT. Something proven and effective. If you are ready to have a conversation to see if hyperthermia might be for you, schedule a call with me HERE. 

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Lyme Support can also refer you to hospitals in Germany and Mexico offering advanced holistic Lyme protocols. For anyone struggling with tick borne illnesses, a hospital that treats the body as a whole can elevate you to a new level of normal. If you’d like more information about these specialized hospitals, we can help schedule you in and provide education on treatments. 

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