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Get 1-on-1 guidance from someone with the clinical experience, medical wisdom and personal experience to understand what you’re feeling and know what can help you get healthier. Discover deep healing and a new way of living!

Who We Are

We are a support network for people with tick borne illnesses. 

We are trained in western medicines and passionate about holistic, functional medicine.

We see the big picture.

We get you.

We’re connected and can refer you to the people you need.

We are your ally on this journey. 

We used spirituality in our own recovery and have a wide array of options to offer you.

We help you access information about treatment options. 

We help you get mindful in the present moment, because when you’re not thinking about anxiety your whole experience changes. 

We are your ally as you accomplish small goals. When you go through so many healing shifts, you become a new person. 

How does it work?

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You will receive undivided attention on YOU and your biggest challenge you are struggling with in your health. We know how to discover what is NOT working for you and get rid of those barriers FAST so you can get CRYSTAL clear on their next steps to HEALING, once and for all!

Perhaps you are a good fit for going to a holistic hospital overseas or working with us one on one for health coaching. Our coaching spots are limited, so even if you do not get selected to work with us one on one, we are confident you will walk away feeling listened to, understood, and with a little more knowledge about Lyme disease than you previously had.

Free Scheduling at Holistic Hospitals

If you are interested in more information about the Lyme protocols being used at holistic hospitals, we will educate you on the procedures being performed – such as ozone therapy and whole body hyperthermia. We will discuss if you are a good candidate for a stay at one of these hospitals based on your health history. If you find one of these hospitals is a good fit for you, we will help you with the admissions process, coordinating with the hospital on your behalf to make the process simpler for you. And because we know how hard it is to remember a large amount of information with many details, we’ll even provide you with a free Guidebook to review prior to your admission so you know how to prepare for your upcoming trip and what to expect while there. Click here for more information on our Guidebook. This whole process of providing education and scheduling you in at a hospital is completely free of charge for you.

Click here for more information about the holistic hospitals we work with.

Coaching Services

Lyme disease is overwhelming and complicated. There’s never one simple answer. But 1-on-1 guidance and practical, cutting edge solutions make the healing journey so much easier. We offer functional medicine health coaching, including medical cannabis coaching and education on other alternative therapies.  

Click here for more information about our coaching services.

What if I don’t have Lyme disease?

You may still need a health coach. Because we use a functional medicine approach, we look at underlying issues that may be affecting your health, such as sleep, environment, and stress. Since we are addressing all aspects of health, our coaching services are valuable, because regardless of the condition or disease, you’re able to boost your health to optimal levels.

The holistic hospitals we work with offer more than just Lyme protocols. There are programs for cancer, autoimmune conditions, mold toxicity, and neurological issues as well as options available for an integrative physical to run diagnostic tests, detox and rejuvenation protocols, and a biological dentist program. Give us a call for more information on these protocols.

Services Offered

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“I have known Christine for over a decade and admire her drive and work ethic. She is always striving to help others by giving them tools to live their healthiest life. Christine was involved with several corporate wellness projects that I coordinated for the company I worked for at the time. She provided education and wonderful resources to educate our employees on different topics like toxins in cosmetics and eating whole foods. In the process, she also helped me personally with some of my wellness goals. Just being around someone so knowledgeable and passionate about changing your life makes being healthier easier and seem more manageable. She has all the tools, education, and experience to really help people struggling with Lyme disease, especially having gone through her own journey with this condition.”

from Facebook review
Shawna Johnson
HR manager, Kalamazoo, MI

“Are looking to explore options and alternatives for your healing journey? Lyme Support are passionate because they have had first hand and very personal experience with their own healing journey. You will feel understood and feel as though their are others who have turned the corner with their health – you are not alone and will be supported on your journey to health and wellness.”

from Facebook review
Lisa Gumieniuk
Sydney, Australia

“Christine is an accomplished Pharmacist, self made entrepreneur and expert in the field of Lyme disease. Being in the healthcare field myself, I have used her expertise and vast knowledge, to consult for personal health issues as well as the primary consult for my Physical Medicine clinic.”

from Yelp review
Lindsay Stephens
CEO, DC, CCSP, FMT, Motus Rehab Clinic, San Francisco, CA

“Dr. Arseneau helped me after I made the decision to stop eating gluten. She gave me tips on how to implement this new diet and education on which ingredients to look out for. Most importantly, she really helped me pay attention to my body and how I felt with the changes. I noticed more energy, clearer thinking, and improved digestion almost right away. I notice now, when I eat gluten I immediately feel congested and foggy. Christine really helped me realize the importance of what goes into my body and how it can affect my overall well being. Thanks to Christine, I was able to make some sustained changes and don’t think I will ever go back to my old way of eating! Having an ally on your side to guide you and provide accountability really makes all the difference.”

from Yelp review
Paulo Fernandes
CEO and founder BayTender, Mill Valley, CA

“Christine kept up with new theories and treatments and reviewing new healthcare literature in a quest to answer her own health concerns; odd symptoms and strange occurrences for which she never received plausible answers from the traditional healthcare providers. Her experience, knowledgebase and research paid off and led her to the correct diagnosis of Lyme Disease.

She continues to research Lyme Disease and is now focused on helping others with unsatisfactory diagnoses and ineffective treatment of Lyme Disease. As someone who has suffered and struggled with the inaccurate diagnoses and therapy she has a firsthand knowledge of the frustration and pain of a Lyme patient. I have watched Christine develop into a knowledgeable and well-rounded healthcare practitioner who is driven by her passion to help find the optimal treatment and hopefully a cure for Lyme Disease. I would not hesitate to recommend Christine to assist anyone looking for non-traditional options for the treatment of Lyme Disease.”

from Facebook review
Kristen Somers, R.Ph.

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